Buyer responsibilities

Buyers have an obligation to honestly represent their skill level, the accommodations they can offer a horse, and their intentions.

Buyers who don’t take the time and trouble to learn good horsemanship have ruined many an equine.  Remember that no horse is ever “finished.” They are sensitive creatures that continue to learn new behaviors throughout their lives.  A novice horse person can inadvertently “undo” professional training pretty quick. Be honest about your abilities and level of riding.

A horse is an individual and frequently develops a relationship with the person who rides it most often. When we ride the horse for you first don't be disappointed if the horse doesn't perform quite as well when you get on. 

Even subtle differences in riding technique can produce very different responses from the horse.  It may just be a matter of time and a little professional help before you and your new horse become a team.  We want to sell you a suitable horse.  Help us to help you.

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